We welcome you into a new world of touch; Adamma – A touch of nature.

An exclusive and original treatment presented through massaging urns with unique textures, which propel fluids in various body stratums. In the framework of Adama treatment, the client chooses the tactile sensations, the temperature and the tactile intensity in order to reach optimal individual harmony presented throughout a wide variety of sensations.  The right touch combined with effective fluids' movement enables the body to surrender to the touch, softens intensities and motivates a balanced flow in the body. It establishes an environment in which it is possible to reach deep into the body and release it thoroughly, up to a level of maximal relaxation and vitality.

The urns enable:

-Five tactile sensations;

-Treatment with oils or creams, directly applied to the body, or over clothing;

-Choice of three temperature levels;

-A wider spectrum of intensities.

The urns:

PebblesCalms the body and prepares it towards a touch suitable for massaging all body parts, enables deep relaxation of the muscle mass. It could motivate or relax the body. Through application of direct movement and energy it grants a smooth and flowing massage that bestows a pleasant and calming effect.

Sea sand– Cleans the skin and motivates the metabolism, combines gentle roughness with wide tactile range. It works on the epidermis, the "upper skin" and enables integration of creams and oils, establishing various peeling levels.

Cascade– Opens deep bodily blocks and reaches every corner of the body. It is more moderate and enables a greater level of control and tactile power, which result in accuracy and command regarding the body. The Cascade is a highly versatile urn that could be used in reflexology and Shiatsu, straps and acupuncture points.

Waves– This urn moves liquids along and deep inside every muscle. The vibrations caused by the urn's movement touches the muscle deeply. A gentle and rapid movement propels a significant amount of liquids into the upper skin layer, while a slow and deep pressure establishes a flow along the entire muscle. This urn is excellent for enhancing vitality sensation and relaxing the muscles.

Spring– An oil flow urn that grants an exclusive touch all over the body, reacts to every curve and leaves a measured layer of oil for an effective and pleasant massage.

The urns are an original product development, manufactured in Israel – Blue and White.

All urns are hand made and designed in order to form the highest quality therapeutic tool.

While designing and planning the urns, it was taken into attention to present accurate texture urns, easy to maintain, and being environmentally friendly.